8 Ways to Burn Fat Fast and Enjoy it Too!

Burning fat is the most important aspect of weight loss. A lot of people try to burn fat through exercise. Though a gym workout is one of the best ways to burn fat, things tend to go the other way once the motivation to frequent your gym wanes off. Not just this, a lot of people find it hard to fit gym into their busy schedule.

Here are some great ways to burn fat without frequenting a gym:

  • Indulge in a Sport – Playing a sport can be a sureshot way of burning fat. Indulge in a sport such as soccer, baseball, tennis etc. Swimming is another great form of exercise that can help you get leaner. If you play a sport regularly, your energy levels will also soar to an all-time high. Besides burning fat, playing a sport can also help you get a lot of friends. So, it can help you lose fat and enhance socializing too.
  • Try To Play Racket Ball After Your Lifting Session – After you’ve had a great workout in your gym, try to play a game of racket ball instead of getting on the treadmill. Constant moving around, starting and stopping in this game can help you shred a lot of fat. Just a game of 20-30 minutes can go a long way in helping your body burning fat even from the most stubborn areas.
  • Walk Places – A lot of people tend to forget that walking is an excellent exercise. If your office or school is a couple of miles from where you live, walk instead of driving. When you have to visit a nearby store or a friend that lives close by, just walk rather than drive your way. Trust me, this simple trick can help your body burn a lot of calories and make you feel better too. Just enjoy the breeze, relax and enjoy some alone time. It can help lower your stress levels too.
  • Go On Vacation – Now, this might seem a bit weird but yes going out on a vacation can also be a good way to burn fat. However, the key is to visit places on foot rather than in a car. It can be a lot of fun and extra walking can help you burn a lot of calories too.
  • Enjoy a Cold Shower – This is another great way to help your body burn those extra calories. The logic is simple here. When you are cold your body uses more energy and for this energy, your body burns more calories. It’s a cool way to burn off an extra 100-200 calories a day. Cold showers are fun and can help boost your immunity too.
  • Interval Training on Various Cardio Machines – Interval training is highly effective for burning fat. Try it the next time you hit the gym and you will vouch for the results.
  • Mountain Biking – Go out on mountain biking either with your friends or just alone. However, having a partner can be more fun. Biking by itself is a great exercise but mountain biking can help burn a whole lot of extra calories. However, you can go for it only if you live in a hilly area.
  • Skip Alcohol – Last, but not the least, just say a big NO to alcohol, Avoid having beer even on weekends. A single beer bottle can make you gain around 150 calories and if you have say 4 bottles of beer over the weekend, you end up consuming full 600 calories. Now, this is like wasting all your efforts in the gym. So stay firm and forget about drinking.


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