Best Fat Burner – PhenQ Reviews

Are You Looking for the Best Fat Burner?

PhenQ is a Fat Burner, Appetite Suppressant, and Fat Blocker to Help You Lose Pounds in Just a Few Days With No Side Effects!



  • is a fat burner, appetite suppressant, fat blocker
  • is a unique weight loss supplement
  • comes with trademarked formula α-Lacys Reset
  • boosts metabolism, burns calories
  • curbs appetite
  • blocks fat production
  • enhances energy
  • elevates mood
  • does not have side effects
  • has been getting excellent user reviews
  • comes with a complete money back guarantee


Why is PhenQ the Best Fat Burner/ Weight Loss Pill and How Does it Work?

PhenQ is a revolutionary formula that has taken the weight loss market by a storm. It fills in the role of a fat burner, appetite suppressant as well as fat blocker without having any side effects.

Its the only pill on the market that comes with the trademarked formula α-Lacys Reset®that revs up your metabolism through thermogenesis so that your body converts into a fat burning machine. Secondly, it makes your body burn stored calories which not only increases your energy levels but also helps get rid of stored body fat.

Clinical studies have shown that α-Lacys Reset® can:

  • reduce 7.24% body fat
  • reduce 3.44% body weight
  • increase 3.80% muscle mass

But this is not all!


  • Stops Fat Production – PhenQ consists of ingredients that further fat production in your body. This is important since fat gained is weight gained. By limiting fat production in your body, PhenQ stops you from putting on any more weight.
  • Suppresses Appetite – One of the most important aspects of losing weight is controlling your diet or caloric intake. By curbing your appetite gently, PhenQ makes you feel less hungry so that you eat less food. This makes you win half the battle (against weight loss). One of the advantages of PhenQ is that it does not make you feel jittery or irritable like other appetite suppressants on the market.
  • Boosts Energy – PhenQ is made with ingredients that help increase your energy levels. This is unlike other supplements that make your energy levels dip due to dieting.
  • Improves Your Mood – One of the most important benefits of PhenQ is that it improves your mood too so that you do not feel cranky on cutting calories.


What Does PhenQ Contain?

Some of the ingredients in PhenQ contain the following:

  • Capsimax Powder – This is a potent blend of Capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin. This is a fat-blasting mixture that can help you burn fat very quickly. Capsimax powder tends to increase your body’s temperature to boost metabolism.
  • Calcium Carbonate – I am sure you are already aware that calcium is great for your bones but what a lot of people do not know is that Calcium is great for weight loss too. Studies have shown that calcium makes your cells to store less fat by telling them that your body is well nourished and does not need to store any more fat. Less fat stored is less weight gained.
  • Chromium Picolinate – This is an essential mineral that is found in meat, veggies and whole grains. It plays an important role in regulating blood sugar levels in your body. Biy doing is curbs hunger pangs and cravings.
  • Caffeine – Coffee is not just a stimulant that increases alertness and reduces fatigue but is also a powerful fat burner that enhances fat burning in the body by increasing thermogenesis. It’s great for increasing your energy levels too.
  • Nopal – The nopal cactus is rich in fiber so as to make you feel fuller when you are not. This helps in curbing your hunger. It’s extremely rich in amino acids which helps increase your energy levels.
  • L-Carnitine Furmarate – This is an amino acid that is present in red meat, nuts and green vegetables. It helps convert fat stores into energy. What it means is that it not only burns fat and calories but also helps boost your energy levels so that you do not feel tired or fatigued.



Testimonials/ User Before and After Pics:

PhenQ is one weight loss pill that has been getting incredibly positive user reviews. Here are some authentic before and after pics and testimonials:

These before and after pics belong to Taiylah P. who has been able to lose 44 lbs in just 3 months.

This is what she says….

I’ve been overweight from a young age, but just recently had a wake-up call. While on a family cruise, I couldn’t join my family for dinner as I didn’t fit in the chair.  That’s when I stopped and told myself I needed to lose weight.

Since then I have started doing exercise, eating healthier and taking PhenQ (ordered the 2+1 package). A lot of people thought I couldn’t do it, but here I am – 44 lbs lighter than when I first started taking PhenQI can now be more active in day to day life and I have found applying for jobs easier and more accessible now that I have ethereal mobility to do all jobs required.


April in the pics above lost 20 lbs in just 3 months. This is what she has to say…..
After giving birth twice I had some weight that I couldn’t get rid of off on my own.With the help of PhenQ I gave up on junk off and started eating healthier overall.  I saw results after just a week and lost a total of 20 lbs in 3 months!

My advice to others is simple. Don’t try fad diets. I have done that with no result. Give PhenQ a try and you will love it. It’s amazing and I am going to continue to use it when I fully reach my goals.


Ghislain R. is another user who is elated to have lost 11 lbs in just one month. This is what he says….
In recent years I gradually started to gain weight. Once I passed 176 lbs I began to get frustrated, tried several diets (ineffective) and to improve my overall lifestyle but without results. I even went up to 187 lbs. Then I found PhenQ and started taking it. I think it took me about 2 weeks to start seeing results but then they started coming in and I took after photos to compare. I lost 11 lbs in 1 month thanks to PhenQ! Overall I feel more confident, I can see my wife proud of my change and I have so much more energy to be effective all day at work and still have energy to play with my son at night.




  • No Prescription Required
  • Taken Orally
  • Burns Fat, Curbs Appetite
  • Enhances Energy
  • No Jitters or Lethargy
  • No Known Side Effects
  • Excellent User Reviews
  • Free Shipping
  • Huge Multi-Buy Savings
  • Money Back Guarantee for 60 Days


PhenQ is a safe and effective weight loss pill that has been getting incredible user reviews. Having said that, it is important to point out that every supplement has its pros and cons. Even though PhenQ is safe, you must not use it if you have a medical condition.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers must also not use it. You must also not use it if you are below the age of 18.

Price and Best Offers:

Though you can buy a month supply (1 Bottle) for $69.95, I would highly recommend that you try it for at least 3-5 months to get the best results. Some of the best and most popular offers include the following:

  • BEST SELLERBuy 3 Get 1 FREE for just $189.95. PLUS you also get a bottle of Advana Cleanse absolutely FREE with this offer
  • Buy 2 Get 1 FREE for just $139.95 PLUS Free Bottle of Advana Cleanse

PhenQ comes with a complete money back guarantee for 67 days. This makes you purchase absolutely risk-free!