Foods that Burn Belly Fat

If a slim and trim belly is what you want, you need to focus mainly on two things – exercise and diet. Having the right kind of foods can help you burn fat, prevent further fat formulation and also boost your energy levels. Not just this, there are certain foods that can help you feel satiated so that you do not experience hunger pangs or cravings.

So, without beating around the bus, let me list some of the best foods that can help you burn belly fat quickly:

  • NUTS – Nuts can be a great source of proteins and energy. Not just this, they can also help you keep feeling fuller for longer. Try to begin your day with 20-25 almonds. You can also soak them in water overnight and have them in the morning along with a glass of skimmed milk. Other nuts like pine nuts, walnuts etc., can also be a great addition. These nuts are also a great source of essential fats that your body needs in order to produce fat burning hormones. However, do not go overboard and stick to a medium size daily serving.
  • WHEY PROTEIN – If you workout regularly, I am sure you already include it in your diet. Whey protein is a great post workout meal. However, you can also have whey protein in your breakfast. It will give your body a good start for a grueling day ahead. If your aim is to cut down body fat even further, then try have whey isolate protein that contains zero carbohydrates and zero sugar. There are some great brands out there on the market. Do not forget to check the label for protein, carb and sugar content before you buy one.
  • OLIVE OIL – Olive oil is just great for your overall health. It’s abundantly rich in essential 3 omega fatty acids that are required by your body to produce fat burning hormones. It reduces LDL cholesterol and enhances HDL or good cholesterol in your body. Additionally, it helps curb hunger pangs too. So, try to cook your meals in this oil rather than processed cooking oil. As is the case with nuts, do not go overboard and keep your consumption of olive oil limited too.
  • BERRIES – Berries are great for weight loss and overall health. They are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They not only eliminate toxins from your body and boost metabolism but are also rich in fiber to help you feel fuller for longer. Thus, they can help burn fat and also make you consume less calories.
  • EGGS – Eggs are a great source of Vitamin B12 that your body requires to metabolize fats. Try to include eggs in your breakfast. They are rich in proteins too. Cut out the yolk, however.
  • LEAN MEATS AND FISH – Fish like salmon, tuna and turkey can be a great addition to your diet since they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. They not only boost fat burning in your body but also limit the production of stress hormones. It’s important to keep in mind that stress hormone tends to play with your sugar levels and prevent fat burning in the body.
  • MILK – Milk is a great source of calcium which helps in breaking down fat. However, burning you must avoid whole milk and stick to low-fat milk.
  • OATMEAL – Again, oatmeal is a great source of fiber and protein. It not only increases your energy levels but also helps speed up your metabolic rate.
  • APPLES – Apples are a great source of vitamins and fiber. They can help you feel full when you are not. Besides, apples are great boosting energy too.
  • TOMATOES – Tomatoes are low in calories and can help curb your hunger pangs too. Try to include them in your diet.

Apart from including these foods in your diet, you must also try to workout regularly. There’s nothing better than a good workout session that can help burn fat in your body. Moreover, try to have a light meal at night. Your body gets into the sleep mode and your metabolism slows down at night, Thus, if you have a heavy meal at night, a large part of it gets stored as fat.

Furthermore, make sure that you get enough sleep each night. Lack of sleep can build stress and affect your HGH rhythm. Lack of HGH can lead to a slow metabolism and also speed up the aging process.

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